Sitting on a Bench

Wellness Retreats

This service is for yoga & wellness studios who wish to offer the students unique retreat experiences.

We understand that running yoga/wellness studio takes a continuous dedication and a constant effort on a daily basis. We make sure to  take all the hard works off from you, both administrative and operational sides, so you can just concentrate on teaching and having a great time together with your students.  Also, the wellbeing and safety of our retreat guests and our host communities are our top priority and we have worked extremely hard to ensure that we can offer you peace of mind when you travel with us.  

Offerings in 2022 & 2023

Sitting in a Communal Bath
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Based in a modern monastery with its own natural hot spring and geothermal stone sauna. Combining Japanese relaxation rituals, Onsen (geothermal bathing) and forest bathing along with traditional cultural experiences.  Zen temple next to the monastery will be your yoga studio.

Based in a newly built spacious and ocean front holiday house surrounded by an ancient natural environment. Each day, you will be greeted by sunrise, sunset and moon rise. Experience yoga in the world class nature in the midst wild flower season.

Dynamic nature and indoor space with a stunning view will be your yoga studio.

Based in tastefully renovated iconic accommodation built in 1890's.  The building holds layers of history being an essential part of Kittanning.  Explore the nature and history of the surrounding regions. Hiking/climbing that includes Bluff Knoll can be arranged to suit your group.  Enjoy yoga at a beautifully renovated old power plant.