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Who’s Behind Kuroko Boutique Tours?

  • November 30, 2019

For almost three years, Kuroko Boutique Tours has successfully organized intimate, personal tours to Japan, meticulously curating them around your interests, preferred pace, and travel style. Behind these personalized tours, our small team dedicated our time and best efforts to give every client an exceptional travel experience.

Have you ever wondered who are the people behind Kuroko? For this month's newsletter, our team members answer questions about Japan and why we are so passionate about what we do.

Rika Nishimura - Travel Planner/Operator & Founder

Rika Nishimura Kuroko

Rika was born and raised in Kochi, a quaint seaside town on the island of Shikoku, Japan. She spent her 20’s in Kyoto before moving to Australia where she started Kuroko Boutique Tours. Now a mother of two, she strikes the perfect balance between raising her kids as well as designing and leading bespoke ‘one of a kind’ tours with Kuroko. She loves to spend her time planning a trip, cooking with her husband, singing with her daughter, and playing chess with her son.

Photo courtesy of Judith Calson.

Q: Why do you love Japan so much?

A: Because it is in my blood and bone. It's like why you love your grandparents so much. I am so proud to be Japanese and so fortunate to be able to share this beautiful country with my customers.

Q: Where is your favourite place in Japan?

A: Kyoto where I spent my youth years. Kyoto's vibe, atmosphere, elegances, wealth in history, culture, tradition, and academy... too many to list. They all seem to agree with my sense of value.

Q: What is your favourite Japanese food?

A: Sushi to the moon and back. My best 3 toppings are yellowtail from Japan sea, sea urchin from Hokkaido and Chu-Toro. Please try them at a counter dining Sushi restaurant when you are in Japan.

Alexandra Ramitan - Admin/Travel Assistant

Alexandra Xiuzhen Ramitan

When Alex first visited Japan in 2015, she fell in love with the beauty, cuisine, and culture that surrounded her. In 2017, she relocated to Kyoto for two years and immersed herself in the tranquillity of everyday life in Japan’s cultural capital. From temple teahouses to walking through the winding alleyways in the heart of the city, Alex loves travelling and experiencing new places.

Q: Why do you love Japan so much?

A: The landscape, the culture, the society, and almost every aspect of Japan’s life really suit my inherent personality and the way I view things. From the moment I stepped foot in Japan as a tourist to the short, memorable time I spent in Japan as a temporary resident, it is never too much for me to say that Japan still strongly holds the first position of the most ideal place for me to be.

Q: Where is your favourite place in Japan?

A: It’s too hard to choose just one! I want to answer Japan overall, but that would be cheating. Kyoto is already like a second home to me because that’s where I first started to build my family and gave birth to my baby. Meanwhile, no place has yet to beat the tranquillity and the magical feelings that Kawaguchiko and the surrounding area of Mt. Fuji bring to me.

Q: What is your favourite Japanese food?

A: Sipping hot oden broth with chewy chikuwa and savoury hard-boiled egg on a chilly autumn night… It’s my perfect comfort food. Plus you can always customize the toppings according to your liking!

Claire Heginbotham - Digital Content Writer

Claire Heginbotham

Claire first discovered Japan through the whimsical stories told by Studio Ghibli movies. In 2017, she took the leap and moved to Japan for one year. After experiencing the bright neon lights of Tokyo’s Akihabara district, she settled down in Osaka. There, she enjoyed practising Japanese at the local Izakaya, sailing in Kobe Bay area during weekends, and learning to eat the infamous fermented soybean dish called “Natto”.

Q: Why do you love Japan so much?

A: It's like going into a fantasy world, one which in which you will find yourself challenged, bewildered and dazzled in the most enticing way. Japan is one of the only countries in the world to escape westernization and I fell in love with its 'otherness'. For me, it's where adventure awaits..

Q: Where is your favourite place in Japan?

A: Kamakura - a little seaside town just outside of Tokyo. The beaches have glittering black sand. You can sit on Inamuragasaki rock and watch across the water as the sun sets behind Fuji. Magical. Bonus: There's a hidden fox shrine in the mountains that used to be home to a ninja village. How cool?!

Q: What is your favourite Japanese food?

A: Sushi all the way. Tempura and Takoyaki are close seconds!

MoMo - Life Coach

Momo has 11 years of experience bring cute, cuddly and attentive to the team's wellness. She is always first to welcome Rika upon returning from her many tours.

Q: Why do you love Japan so much?

A: Me don't know.

Q: Where is your favourite place in Japan?

A: Me never been.

Q: What is your favourite Japanese food?

A: Rice cracker from Ogura Sanso.

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