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When You Are Ready, We Will Be Here for You

  • March 28, 2020

Dear Friends,

Presently, almost every corner of the world is feeling the effects of the coronavirus threat. For a team that thrives on all the positive experiences travel can bring, it has been difficult seeing our guests, accommodations and transport vendors, and other friends in the travel industry suffer from the recent consequences the coronavirus has brought.

Nonetheless, this is a temporary situation and the various lockdowns in place across our various countries are a positive and effective step in curtailing the coronavirus. In these trying times, the best we can do for ourselves and each other is avoid panicking, follow official health advice, stay positive and be kind to each other as we navigate through this period of global difficulty together.

Japan update:

While under partial lockdown, Japan’s mood on the ground is noticeably calmer than in many other parts of the world. Whilst this may seem surprising, it should be remembered that Japan's systems and populace are very well prepared for crises, albeit typically of a different nature such as tsunamis and earthquakes. However Japan’s well-known cleanliness, social orderliness and the fact it has the highest rate of hospital beds in the world will no doubt be an advantage in overcoming the current coronavirus crisis.

The Tokyo Olympics has been postponed until next year, with new dates to be determined in the next 3 weeks. One thing that has not changed in Japan is Sakura blooming beautifully. The annual celebratory season has arrived brightening up the atmosphere of Japan by colouring the nation with pink and white although the traditional O-hanami picnics under the blossoms have been discouraged this year. We look forward to enjoying its beauty next year with you. Till then, here are some gorgeous Cherry blossom photos from Japan to share with you.

cherry blossom tree
cherry blossom tree
cherry blossom field and mountain
SMALL kanagawa-Yugawara_Plum_Grove-l
cherry blossom night view
cherry blossom and train

When you are ready to travel, we’ll be here for you.

Though we have been significantly affected and are much quieter than normal, we are taking the time to look after our health, improve our internal business systems and continue to search for the best locations, activities and events to offer our customers when we are free to travel again.
We can not wait for this to be over and start sharing our beloved Japan with you.

Love from the KBT Team and stay safe and healthy.

All photos courtesy of Kuroko Boutique Tours.