Boutique Guided Tours 2023

Kuroko's guided tours

This service is designed to offer the best travel experience and show you Japan like no other. Dive deeper, go authentic, off the beaten path all the way.  It is in a small group, fully guided and all-inclusive. No need to worry a thing, all you need to do is to relax and enjoy!   This is suitable for travellers of any aged group who seek extraordinary but comfortable and well-catered travel. 

Japan Temple Bell

April 25 - May 2, 2023

8 days of a comfortable walking tour along the ancient highway in the midst of Sakura season.  Visiting culturally and historically meaningful places on the way.  Read more


June 1- 9, 2023

9 days of a condensation of what Japan is all about. Untouched nature, Onsen, Sake, Seafood and regional culture.  Northern Japan at its best.

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November 11- 21, 2023

11 days filled with folk & contemporary art, island hopping in mesmerizing  Setouchi Inland Sea and rural Shikoku in Autumn colour. Enjoy the wide range of dynamic sceneries.    Read more