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Guided Tours 2019/2020

Guided Tours 2019

Through the eyes of a local

Kuroko's guided tours are the epitome of comfort and cultural enrichment. See Japan through the eyes of a local as your guide takes you through areas unknown to simple tourists.

Come home with tales of exquisite, untouched landscapes, humble smiles from Japanese locals, and intricate multi-course meals fit for a feudal lord.

Small Group Tours to Japan 2019


​Hear from previous small group tours to Japan

Barbara Colbert

Custom Photography Tour

I was very impressed by the diversity of locations, accommodations and experiences we shared on this trip. The food was outstanding and Rika took us to unique and fun places for lunches and dinners.

Leading a photo tour for a group of very seasoned travel photographers requires a confident, knowledgeable leader who can manage and meet the unique expectations of each photographer. 

Bruce Janklow

2017 Guided Tour

The highest compliment I can give Rika is that by the end of the trip she was another of our group of good friends and intrepid travellers, exploring together and having a great time.

She is smart, knowledgeable, efficient, responsive, thinks on her feet extremely well, is willing to make adjustments based on opportunities that present themselves and never loses her equilibrium and good cheer.

I can without hesitation powerfully recommended her to any individual or group who wants to have an experience that goes deeper into what Japan is all about.


Saw places and things that we would not have found

We have just returned from a marvellous holiday in Japan with Rika. The whole experience was absolutely wonderful. Rika's planning and guidance through the 14 day tour was first class right down to accommodating the special needs that most of our party of 5 required. We went to and saw places and things that we would not have found by ourselves. Rika's attention to detail together with her friendly nature makes touring with her very special. I can thoroughly recommend Kuroko Boutique Tours!

Rob Baker

More than a holiday

Our Shikoku tour, led by Rika was more than a holiday, it was a unique insight into the Japanese people, their culture and the warmth of their hospitality. Surrounded by magnificent scenery in changing Autumn colours, and the freshness of the air was to experience an enduring state of tranquility.

Maureen Gibbons

I have now done two of Rika's tours to Japan. Both have been a delight and I think a third will take me back to Kyoto to indulge in a longer stay. I enjoyed her very professional weaving of nature and culture and particularly the incredible choice of venues for such a wonderful variety of Japanese style cooking and meals. I really felt so well looked after. Any special request she willingly obliged. Which made the tours special just for me. A private tea ceremony, a fun experience of elegant entertaining geisha, and traditional wagashi sweet making class. I highly recommend Rika and her tours to everyone.

Ray Flanagan

Rika had a sixth sense as to where to bring us to capture iconic as well as unique images of the country and its people

I just returned from a two week customized photography-centred tour of Japan with Rika and a small group of photography friends. Although not a photographer herself, Rika had a sixth sense as to where to bring us to capture iconic as well as unique images of the country and its people. She also ensured that we experienced the culture through stays at such places as a boathouse in a remote fishing village and in a World Heritage site monastery in Koyasan. She is a warm, funny and lovely person filled with enthusiasm for her work and a passion to make sure her clients are always satisfied. I recommend her highly.

David Altschul

Travelling with Rika in her native Japan was an opportunity for a cultural experience like no other.

Imagine having a friend who seamlessly moves between two languages and who is able to help you interpret the traditional and contemporary customs of the Japanese way of life. Rika brings a quiet, respectful and unassuming demeanour to her responsibility as a guide and helps the mystery of Japan unfold.

Judy Packington

Our tour to Japan was the best and most stress-free holiday we've ever had.

It was exceptionally well-organised by Rika. We learnt so much of Japan. I have always been a bit wary of tours. In fact, this was my first. It was small and personal, very much boutique style, very much my style. Rika actively sought out our wishes and preferences before and during the tour and where possible, built them in. It was fabulous having Rika there to sort out the arrangements, to smooth the way, to translate on-the-spot and to be a delightful and engaging part of the group. It was so relaxing and a lot of fun. All I dream of now is our next Japanese adventure. Next destination? Kyoto, 2018, here we come.

Andrew Smith

I have joined Rika's guided tour. Her service was exceptional. It was the best trip ever and such a luxurious way to enjoy Japan. She took me right down to the core of Japanese culture. I felt like I was a part of their culture. It was magical. Also, she really knows where to go for good local food. I highly recommend her tour especially to people like me want to travel in own pace and don't enjoy seeing only touristy sights. Thank you, Rika for your wonderful tour and I am sure I will join you again.

Judith Nash

Thank you for the excellent tour of Japan. This was one of the best holidays we have ever been on. This was not only due to the amazing weather, the unexpected surprises around every corner and how welcoming we found the people and food but to the effort, you made to make us all feel welcome. As a group, we all got on well and with time we became friends. There were plenty of highlights and these were often the unexpected things that happen when you are in a strange land. The Autumn colours and light were stunning. The food was far better than our expectations.

For 2 weeks, we were completely immersed in Japan, its people, culture and heritage. Without Rika, I am sure that our holiday would not have been so rich or complete.

John Gourley

Culture, food,sightseeing and lots of fun

Definitely 5 star service. Rika fine-tuned and honed a tour that offers a unique opportunity to experience Japan on so many levels. Culture, food, sightseeing and lots of fun being part of a special group of people. Well done Rika and Kuroko Boutique Tours.

Ann Alexander

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